Wheel Of Life-The Chakra – Get Back To The Root-Revive Your Soul.

Here is a question !

What if  I break one spoke of a wheel of some racing bicycle .

Will that make any difference ?  You’ll say of course not …..

the wheel is still working ..

Okay then I smashed few more ….and now you will call it a fashion, a trend, vogue, shift and so on …..

And if I take all the radii from the wheel ..

Oh no ofcourse it’s useless now.. But few of my innovative friends will rehash it into a well embellished wall decor and bask in the   relishing appreciations of the visitors ….

WOW  ! What a superficial beauty.

It’s really admiring and so in trend .

a basic wheel that was once a family of several spokes supporting each other with Love, Compassion, Gentleness  and use to conquest every run together no matter how hard and resilient it was , is now a well ardoned, festooned, classy and modern piece  of rich decorated wall .

Yes it was happy in its new expensive outfit  far away from its cosmic spokes ….Years passed….and later that same    “beautiful moneyed well-to-do wall”   started haunting it, started asking about its family ….companions ….. and finally about its ORIGIN …..and the roots …!

To this the King Of Spokes was now left Spooky….. Finxed and depressed  !

and the symbol of balance just turned into the most imbalanced creature in the world of thoughts …..!

The wheel became restless as its new wall mates pushed it into the deepest Sea of its Origin , but unfortunately it was too late and it   SUNK  ! As by now, it couldn’t remember how to swim into the ocean of  its own soul.

Why ?

Because the lush of most demanded modern flaws couldn’t fathom the depth of its soul and emotions ….and to the irony,

one day a new decor came in trend and this restless wheel was now replaced ……………! and the most decorated beautiful wheel was now Unremembered .


same is with Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions .

Robert Plutchik said that every human is a piece of beautiful creation….of holy God .

Fear .. Anger … Sadness … Joy .. Disgust …. Surprise ….Trust … Anticipation …. Love … Gentleness … Kindness …. Determination… Humbleness… Sensitivity …and loyalty

are the basic emotions infused by the creator into every human …

But  unfortunately in today’s world ! as we grow up we are taught to be smart , pro-efficient  , sagacious, tough, erudite, deceptive, witty, manipulative to withstand the smartness of this tricky world .

Sadly you will be hated and left behind if accidentally or haphazardly you show up ..gentle, humble, loyal, calm, sensitive and simple in the race of competency .

All are in one’s bootstraps , running to achieve the most TRENDY  cleverness, manipulation and a tough mask of practicality and present themselves as the strongest people in the world .

Dear Comrades, be clear,

Strength is just not about being tough

Toughness is just not about being unemotional

Bravery doesn’t mean you cannot cry

Self Love never meant that you cannot be humble and compassionate to your loved ones  !

Being Humble never  makes you stupid …

No matter how rich …and successful you become

you should never sacrifice the base of your young soul, that is the only identity of your unique shell..

My dear DO  NOT  fade away your goodness finding it Unfashionable …………and Old .

Else a time will come when ….You will be just left as an empty show piece having no soul  …no base ………specifically with no real ORIGIN ……just a common piece !

so choice is yours ! Be the incomplete decorated piece …or a soulful  balanced wheel with all the spokes rightly fitted within !

as at last every thing is tossed aside …….but the ANCIENT is always remembered and is always ALIVE .

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