The Married Entrepreneur

A meeting with investors, a presentation to the board, a million questions and far more discussions. They waited till they lost breath coz she was busy giving chai with good mornings in a house with two people and four house assistants.

Justified, said the neighbors and the relatives. She has her whole life for work.  She’s just married a month back; Needs to understand her new family, besides there is no work in the house. Just meet, greet and take care. The first day this was one of its kind in her life. The first time that she contemplated studying that hard, struggling for a career, slogging at jobs, finally starting her business. Contemplated all the late nights, all the hardships coz that was all she could do.

There was indeed no work in the house, she definitely had nothing to do but to meet, greet and take care but take care of who, what? Two people, who had four assistants?

The first time crossed and so did second, third, fourth and so on. Meetings kept on halt, investors kept waiting, contracts kept unsigned. She was being the ideal Married woman. The business shut, she became an ideal mother of two. She was given pocket money by her husband, she became an ideal housekeeper with kids abroad and husband busy at work. Everything was ideal till one Diwali her own ideal family questioned, “What do you do sitting all day home?”

She jumped out of sleep, sweat strolling her face. She has the first meeting after marriage tomorrow and yes some guests at home to meet, greet and take care.


If marriages are made in heaven, so are humans and their right to live, work and stay independent. And if they are for seven lives they will surely take a small jerk of non-presence for a meet, greet and take care session.

It was the beginning of a new phase of her life and her business too for, the discussions were held, questions were answered, the presentation made and investors convinced for a bigger vision. For now, she is no more an entrepreneur but a Married Entrepreneur!

Author: Alakhananda Sharma, Co-founder of “Hipostel– The rural Hippie Stay” successfully running the bag packers hostel showcasing rural India at Bir, Himachal Pradesh & Rishikesh Uttarakhand, India Follow her @ CURLS OF LIFE

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