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In something that looks like a worldwide shutdown, most people are forced to stay in their homes, only a few outsides. I come to this thought: How many of us have actually yearned for the opportunity to stay home. How many of us can work from home, so we can be home with husband/wife, children, dogs, and cats? How many of us have longed for the day where there was no traffic, no air pollution, the silence to hear birds? How many of us have colleges that we are happy not to have to face? Many face-to-face meetings can now be done on-line, or the issues solved by a few e-mails?

Family & Self Realization

Many parents will realize that their children actually can learn so much more in a short time. The child needs some practice and not an all-day school. Maybe you realize that the outer goals like status or level of income are no longer of importance. And some of us will come to the fact that the partner has some issues that no longer can be hidden. That some of us will have to take some personal consequences. That the daily walk, the daily meditation, the calm home is so much more appreciated than ever before. That economy is of less concern.

Quarantine Therapy

Possibilities open before your very eye in the silence. I think that so many of us really have had this wish for a kind of reset. This is a chance for you. If you sit in your home or in a hotel/guest-house somewhere in the world. No airlines, no traffic, nothing is open. No Nothing. You can realize that you have to respect your self more sand then say a plain “no” with that inner strength we all do have. And that other one will respect you in a way that you did not believe to be possible.

Maybe you will meet people you thought you would never talk to and you will find that they are so much like your self. Same ideas or same outlook on whatever you choose to talk about. Maybe you will realize how much you actually need to talk to other people, face-to.face. And that you now crave for it. Skype and Whatsapp are not enough.

Whatever your understanding of what is happening, please respect the instructions from authorities. Take this as a chance to do that cleaning inside your home, suitcase or backpack.

Take this as a chance to clean inside your self and take the lessons and insights and improve your life. Be the best you can for the benefit of your self and all beings.

Author: Mrs. Anne Margrethe Dahl Dideriksen is our fellow writer of Rishikesh 24 Family. She is a mental health practitioner having a Master in Psychology with experience of 19+ years. She is an NLP Coach, Reiki Healer & practices Quantum Healing Hypnotic Therapy/ Past Life Regression.

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