Trapped by a Narcissist ? – BREAK THE VICIOUS CIRCLE


A point comes in life when people wake up realizing that they have been stuck right in the middle of the bog without being able to find an escape. Blaming it on their fate they often accept the moss as their  Grey Castle and happily wear the Crown of Slavery.  But the question is

 Who is the master here ?

Whom are you employed for ?

How much are you paid for the yoke ? 

or Working as an unpaid bondsman !!!

The answer is quite obvious the master of our anesthetized kingdom is none other than a Narcissist, for whom we are working with all of our devotion and fidelity since years against a mock cask of love and  emotions .

Love is sacred, its divine . It’s  natural for a human being to fell in love with some or the other at least once in his lifetime, but making a correct choice is not always possible. In this motorized era where everyone is snowed under  big oodles of work, people are so dead on their feet that they badly need a lift to cradle their emotions and pamper their tiny timid hearts . In search of this solace support system people often forget their worth

their caliber, their wholesomeness and  powers and simply fall in the vicious trap. The need of the aeon has changed the gloss of love,  the motif of exchange of soul is just left as an act of give and take .

Offtime the desire to be loved hits us right in the feels so intensely that we settle for the least . Nothing is worst than loving a narcissist .

The term “Narcissist” is originated from Greek mythology, where a young man named as Narcissus fell in love with his own image reflected in a water body .

Likewise a narcissist will never set you free, loving them means planting all your love, sentiments, devotion, affection  and all your fervor to grow a poisonous, self centered, self focused, arrogant, shameless and exploiting wood . First, they will accept your love and flatter and make you believe that nothing can be better than the way they love you. They will manipulate you so well to believe that you’re nothing without them , only they can glow you up. Gradually, they’ll begin to rule ! Yes, they’ll rule you .. your dreams …your world ..and your every little things in the name of Love and their rights upon you.

They will sketch a circle around you . Yes, a vicious circle, which is drawn to limit your will ..your dreams …. your flight …. your confidence ……………often mistaken as a folly of “Self -sacrifice” OR “Devotion” . You’ll keep crumbling into the tacky loop of love and pain …..falling in the creepy lake of addiction . It will run in your vein as a lush of hootch ….you will start enjoying this sweet and sour smack of your mythical affair and here they win .

Narcissists don’t want to be loved back, they are mad over being attended . If they failed to cop your positive attention they will bid to secure the negative one ….at any cost ! They will enrage you to fuss , to brawl, to fight ….but they will never let you grow . They will hype you to your limits and if you exploded, then you will be crowned as  “mean”   ”fake”   “cheat”   “traitor”   or ” a hypocrite”  by them and will push you to a fool’s paradise where you’ll end up begging pardon for the blunder you had never done . Years will keep passing on and you being chained as a slave will wait for a day when things will go good once again . But trust me, things will never turn good ..because what was good was nothing but a Lie ! Then a sudden after years you will roll out and grief over the crucial spring days you wasted waiting for a ship on an airport, absorbing and forgiving every little toxic thing .

Hold on ! nothing lasts for long . Although you’ve been ripped into pieces, but my dear take a deep breath, smell around and riffle through your soul to get back the hoary mighty sprig that is all yours by the Universe . Swing it around, feel back the powers, kick the toxins out of your life and take a step out of the virtual fences drawn around you and step forth towards the journey of enlightenment . The bright sun might blaze your eyes . The cold breeze might pierce your skin . The nightingale’s song might deafen your ears . A crowd might shake your will. Don’t give up your hopes ..rope all your broken pieces together and lit every tiny bit of yours with  a lot more of confidence and adroitness. Regain a new life, reprise your worth, gather up and start over again . Much more is about to come . Time has come to fly high in sky . It’s time to settle but be your Best !

                                       Smile, you are out of the “Vicious Circle.”

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