In the city of serenity there is a lot to explore, a lot to discover and a lot to relish. Rishikesh, beautifully entrenched in the foothills of Himalayas is profound for being the World’s Yoga capital. Besides calling a lot of tourism the city boasts of the traditions that restore the Vedic era. But in this holistic town there beats a heart which is still young and filled with all the sports and mesmerizing adventures. Rishikesh 24 has come up with a view to serve you with all the flavours of Rishikesh in one pot. Summon us to explore the city deep. From ayurveda, psychology and wellness to hotel bookings, travel guide, sports and adventures. Rishikesh 24 works by keeping in view the need of our guests and fulfil their requirements in just one click. Rishikesh 24 is a platform especially designed to provide everything in Rishikesh just on your finger tip. There is a lot more about us, scroll us to savour more of Rishikesh..

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It is a science of behavior and Mind. A study of conscious and non conscious phenomena.



It a system smelling of Indian Historical Roots that has experienced a resurgence to heal us naturally.


Holistic Healing

It is a combination of virtues that heals our mind, body and soul naturally. It is a method of rejuvenation of body.


We have gathered a whole platter of what we call rejuvenation. A full platter to serve you with different Ayurvedic and Psychological aid to serve the humankind with a new revived life. Our motto is to heal the mankind physically, emotionally as well as spiritually.