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Coronavirus disease or COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by a new virus, originated in China. This has now spread to almost all countries across the world. As a result, many countries including India has announced complete lockdown. Now, all the citizens appealed to stay inside their houses and practice social distancing.

Human Life in Quarantine

Well, at first, staying in Quarantine seemed to be a cool idea. Especially when a school session has completed and a new session hasn’t begun yet. We all can spend our time on mobile phones, laptops, iPods, video games, etc. as no parent is instructing or scolding us to study or complete homework. We can sleep late at night and have fun the entire day. Staying in Quarantine seemed to be a dream in the stressing exam days. But now when the dream came true, I found out that my entire perception was completely wrong!

The virus of Laziness & Bourdum

Within a week of quarantine, I found out that no books to study from, no friends to play with and no place to visit during the break, all this seemed to be boring. I happened to reach a point where all this ‘Netflix & Chill’, social media platforms, video games seem to be boring & demand another option to pass the time. My pets started to bore me and I started to lose my interest in facetime with pals and relatives. It started to feel like the earth has grounded us all to stay home. March seems to be a year-long and I can’t wait for the government to declare that this paramedic has ended and everything is back to normal.

Also to this, the worst of all is that my birthday has fallen during the lockdown with no known means to even get a cake on my birthday. All my vacation plans for March had already fallen apart and now I can’t even celebrate my birthday with my closest friends. Ugh, what a disaster!

Over centuries, we have been through like World Wars, Tsunamis, Cyclones, Plague, Spanish flu and even the Dancing epidemic. But for the first time ever in history, we can save the human race by sitting in front of the TV and doing nothing.

Learning & Mastering Valuable Skills

Moreover, I happened to assume that quarantine may seem boring and slothful but it can also bring out the best from us. I mean now we have plenty of time to master ourselves in the subjects we have always delayed due to lack of time. We can read inspirational books, make paintings, practice dance or music, strengthen our weaker points, work out, do yoga and meditation and mostly spend quality time with our family. We can take this as a period of time given by God to improve ourselves.

Covid-19 has also come with some positive impacts too. The water started to look clear in canals of Venice, swans came back and even the pollution level has decreased. It has also taught us that everything is temporary. Things our lives revolved around – work, gyms, malls, society have all gone and in the end, it’s our own home and family that keeps us safe.

At last, I request all the citizens to be bold follow the government’s guidelines so we can knock out this virus and everything can go back to normal.

Author: Lavannya age 13 Y.O has a keen interest in writing. kudos to our youngest blogger of Rishikesh 24 Family. Kindly review her by leaving a comment as a token of motivation.

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