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Anne Margrethe Dahl Dideriksen

Anne margrethe

My name is Annah, I am from Denmark, I am your wellness coach.

I have stayed here in Rishikesh, the world’s holiest city for two and a half years which is also known as the world’s yoga capital and is gaining a modern resurgence in the field of mental health and wellness. I am living in this serene town located by the river Ganges to reconnect with my values and heal the mankind with my skills.

I am educated Psychologist, I have a Masters in education from Maharishi International University, Fairfield Iowa. Furthermore, I have a Masters in Hypnosis. I have level two in Reiki and certified level One in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). I have expertise in about TEN courses of TWO weeks each in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

I have worked  for more than ten years of experience in a local government education department of Denmark whilst working as a counselor, psychologist as well as a happiness coach to children, parents and people of all age group treating their emotional and mental health in almost every point of life. My only view was to serve humanity with a happy inner-self by cleaning the treacherous bog hiding inside the body and mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can easily benefit from one or two sessions. The counselling provided here is focused on giving you answers for the questions that the traveller inadvertently meets on her/his travel to Rishikesh or to give you the courage to start seeing a counsellor, therapist, psychologist or a psychiatrist. The main focus is to enable you to take the first steps on your new journey, to make you confident in seeking help and deciding what you need right now, or what you will need when your return to your home country.

The aim of counselling is to make you able to take conscious decisions, which will both benefit you here and now and will help you on your future journey. Sometimes there is time to make quick and radical changes and sometimes you have to have patience. The counselling will give you the wisdom to discriminate the two possibilities.

QHHT is hypnotic technique, a procedure, which lets you access other lifetimes in accordance to the specific questions you want work with during the session. This clarification ensures that you get your questions answered and that you get the knowledge you need. At the same time you will get in contact with your Higher Self. At the end of the hypnosis there is a healing from the Higher Self.

The recommendation is no less than 4 hours. I will recommend that you reserve 5 hours and then rest afterwards.

On the mental level use some time to write down your questions, the issues where you want clarification. As mentioned before, the session will give you so much more when you are clear in your mind about what makes you want the QHHT session.

Being confused about your future, work, marriage, family, and friends is ok. The initial talk with the therapist will also help you get clarification of what you want to know.

It might be certain life situations that keep on re-occurring, relationship to parents or spouse, work related issues, career choices. Or you just has the constant feeling that interrupts and disturbs your emotional balance in every day life.  

No. The experience is familiar to the states of consciousness you can reach during meditation or guided meditations/visualizations. You will at any point be able to stop the process, and you will be able to talk and to stay aware of the process.

The session involves an in depth clarification of your intention for the session, which questions are important for you right now. Then the hypnotherapy starts, gaining contact to important lifetimes or situations in this lifetime, then contact to the Higher Self and finally there is a healing under the guidance of the higher self. The whole sessions ends.

If you are on prescribed medicine from a psychiatrist or a general doctor, please let me know.

The above applies, you have to sober for at least 24 hours or more depending how severe the addiction is.

A recent psychosis, paranoia and Scizofrenia.

If you read this chances are that you already know that you are in circumstances that are more than you can handle, circumstances that are way different from what your parents or buddies from the time of school and high school, or even your best friends can give you the advice you need. The reason being that you fell that They simply do not understand what you are dealing with.

The counsellor will be able to help you to get new angles and understandings of your situation. The counsellor will ask you the questions that can push your situation from a state of “locked up” in dark emotions to a state of movement and the ability to enjoy life again.


The psychologist is trained to look at life situations from an angle of understanding, being able to explain the psychological issues involved. Just the understanding that the reaction you have to traumatic experiences is normal. The next step is entering a process of healing.

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– Annah