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A new heading has been added to the hot topics these days. People in China are severely threatened by a new face of RNA- the CORONAVIRUS. Yes, Coronavirus has made a new milestone by killing 132 people in the mainland of China and targeted 6, 000 cases of positive test results. This China virus has taken a flight and is spreading alarmingly across Asia and the rest of the globe.

What is the origin of the China Virus? – Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus was first reported in December 2019 from Wuhan. The case was positive and started with a common symptom of flu. Soon after this, China reported the World Health Organization (WHO) some uncommon cases of Viruses affecting the city. Since December the city claimed more than 9,000 suspected cases of Coronavirus with 6,000 confirmed cases reported. US Disease Control and Prevention Centers suspect the origin of this dreadful outbreak as a local seafood market in Wuhan.

Not only China but this Wuhan Coronavirus has also affected 16 other countries including the names of Japan, Us, Australia and Korea. 

What is Wuhan Coronavirus?

Coronaviruses are a group of harmful viruses that can cause multiple ranges of illness in mammals and birds but now in humans also.

This virus is named as 2019-nCoV.

What are the Symptoms of Wuhan Coronavirus?

The symptoms of Coronavirus in humans involve:

1- Cold

2- Prolonged Cough

3- Fever

4- Basic but continuous flu-like symptoms

5- Breathing issues

Besides these, the symptoms of the Wuhan virus exactly resemble those of SARS – Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.

How can Wuhan Coronavirus be transmitted?

The virus can easily be transmitted through the air. China’s government has announced this virus as communicable i.e. it can be spread from touching and contacting the affected person.

Therefore, the disease is COMMUNICABLE!

As the virus is new there is no vaccine to treat this new strain for now but luckily many symptoms are still treatable.

Fortunately, India still seems to be out of the reach of Coronavirus but the Health Ministry has ordered a thorough thermal health screening of travelers coming from affected regions of the world to India (Airport of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad). However, a number of people have been kept under observation in Kerela, Maharashtra and Kolkata.

So whenever the symptoms go from a mild to brutal respiratory discomforts with fever and cough immediately seek your nearest doctor.

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