Christmas 2019 We wish you a Merry Christmas Rishikesh 24


This is the time for glory and happiness in the western/Christian world.

When most people talk about Christmas they will get a glimmer in their eyes, smiling and overall a happy face. They recollect the memories of being together, eating the traditional foods, singing and sharing gifts.

Most of us actually remember the closeness to grandparents, uncles, and aunties. This is the true spirit of Christmas. Being together with family and friends. Enjoying the spirit of Christmas. It is a part of being human to want the familiar settings, the same food, prepared the traditional way, being with the same people every year, the same place, going to church, performing a pooja, the same of everything.

That is called traditions. Cultures, regions and families, all have specific traditions, all involving the act of being together. We share these moments and remember them later with that happy smile. It is remarkable that most of us do not remember the gifts we got for Christmas. But we remember the grandparents, the uncles, and aunties, the cousins, the laziness of doing nothing, playing. Then lots of traditional foods. For some of us, there is this or that favorite TV-show or Christmas movie that reminds up of a Christmas long time ago.

Yes, I got that toy bear I wanted when I was 5 years old. But many years later I still with joy remember all the other times when auntie and uncle coming to our house. That is the other part of being human: the need and longing for being together with others. As I have grown older I have realized that I want good friends just as much as the family, being a part of a group.

These memories are easy to create, right? So let us keep on creating them even when we are far away from our home or close family. It is easy, be kind and invite your friends, ask the people in the chai stand or the restaurant how they celebrate, and invite them. Everybody brings some food, some stories, games, music, and a good mood, and share it all in the name of the Spirit of Christmas

Actually, the Christmas spirit is to be practiced all year round. Be kind to strangers, friends, and your family.

Isn’t that what Mother Teresa showed us, or what the Bhakti yoga wants from us? To do good from a genuine heart, to show love to others.

Showing love and being caring is good to do. If you find your self in a situation where you cannot do this, then accept it, and accept that out there are people who can give love where you cannot and there are people who will love you just the same.

Merry Christmas ………………………………..!

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